Eliminating pet anxiety, one paw at a time.

They’re there for us when we need them, but are we there for them when they need us?

40% of 5 million dogs in Australia are reported to have experienced anxiety in their lives. Veterinarians all over the world estimated that 20-25% of their feline patients were diagnosed with anxiety. An alarming number that made us want to take action to prevent our furry friends from suffering.

Solving a pressing problem like this is not one that is tackled by many. This is why we’ve spent countless days, hours of testing and evaluating to finally create products to help with pet anxiety. From the combinations of downy soft materials to the specific dimensions and shape, each of our products is engineered to release tension in pets. This allows them to curl up for a full night of undisturbed sleep.

Being pet lovers ourselves, we would do everything to guarantee that our pets are well and free from anxiety. It breaks our hearts to see these loving animals suffer from anxiety and as much as we want to help every single furry friend out there, our efforts alone would never be enough. We need your help!

By taking the responsibility of keeping your pets comfortable with the help of our products, together we can lower down the statistics, keep our friends happy, and make their life with us a lot more joyful.

We may think that taking action for one cat or dog would not change the situation around the world, but our action would definitely mean the whole world for that cat or dog. And if everyone will think this way, we will change the world for as many cats and dogs out there. Right now, we are sending our warmest hugs and appreciation to all of you for taking the necessary steps to help our cause.

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